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FRCs are located in targeted communities to assist children, families and communities. FRCs must always provide services in a way that is consistent with HSE safety advice. The centre remains open toRead More...
By : Susan Mongan | Feb 24, 2021
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“Our three children have attended St. Kevin’s FRC and the staff are like family to us. The children speak very fondly of them and I love the way they encourage them in a very positive way. It has given our children a great sense of independence and I know they are in a safe and secure environment.”Parent,
“Great place to go every week to meet people, and lots of things going on and very friendly.”, Community Work Visitor
“I like stain glass and youth café. It’s quiet and really fun. I like coming Wednesdays and Fridays.”, Youth visitor to Chillz Café
All inclusive – lovely staff and a cup of coffee or tea, always on the ball.”, Volunteer
“St. Kevin’s FRC is a great place to meet new people. The staff are always willing to help you and try their best to get you a place in a class. Lots of different thing to do. No need to know anyone before you come as everyone makes you feel welcome.”, Community Member
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